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How To Pick The Perfect Soundtrack with Quentin Tarantino

QT talks about the source music in his films and his 45 rpm jukebox “Amy” featured in “Death Proof”.

Very cool interview IMO 8)

You mean AMi.

[quote=“Bad Max”]
You mean AMi.
What the… ???

The jukebox is not called Amy, it’s AMi.

[quote=“Eastern Beauty”]
his 45 rpm jukebox “Amy”

It’s AMi, you wrote Amy. the jukebox is called AMi not Amy. OK!? Get it now? how can I make this clearer!

I fucking know what IMO knows!.

Jesus fucking christ.

Oh well, I just copied this from youtube I didn’t even check if it was right. And I don’t care about the jukebox name btw

Well, then stop bitching about it.

I’m not bitching, but you surely do.

thanks for the clip. that was cool.

ah it’s taken down. does anyone have another link to it?

Note: AMI is the brand of the jukebox. So thats why he called it Ami or Amy.