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How people think about Pulp


I was wondering what people thought Pulp Fiction’s meaning was.

So many people I think miss it and see just the violence and hear the language.  I think that the entire story has several different menaings, but that its biggest one is that of redemption of a person.  Another big one I thought was that life is random.  Any other thoughts?


This has been discussed already I think.


i’ll just change the name of this topic, and continue the discussion:

i think most of the people you talk about, who arent QT fans or have seen the film very often, they would always refer to “girl you’ll be a woman soon”, the head-shot or the twist.

i agree with filmstudent, that lots of people dont really get it.

Pulp isn’t meant to be watched only once, and thats the problem with many people


I also agree that you have to watch this movie several times to get passed the violence and drugs to find out what the true meaning of the movie is. I love the action and the dark humor but most of all the meaning of the redemption in the world of evil.

This movie is a classic and will always remain as one of my favorites.