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How much did the comercial music tracks cost Tarantino?

I am writing an article on the use of commercial music (i.e. “You’ll be a Woman Soon”) in feature films and how much the MCPS (UK) charges for all media licenses for this sort of thing. As I’m a big Tarantino fan I am using Pulp Fiction as an example.

I am trying to find out how much all those commercial music tracks that Quentin used in Pulp Fiction would have cost him, or his production company.

Does anybody have any idea?

Come to think of it “Reservoir Dogs” would do also.

Thank you in advance for any help or advice.

QT likes to say that those commercial music cost him less than original music made specially for a movie. But I think it costs more than he wants to made us believe…

Fro example, Zach Braff for Garden State said that he bought the rights of the songs less than their original price, in the contrary, all the money he would have used for the rights, would have been bigger than the money spent only for the movie itself !