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How many times have u seen INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS?

Just got back, (last night) (fri) from seeing INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS again, with my kid brother (his second time seeing it). It’s so incredibly good — again. After half a dozen viewings I was euphoric when there were still even more things to notice/see for the first time, new laughs, and probably most interestingly, an almost chemical response to the intersecting of emphasis, sound, and visual through editing to a pace that gave me serious chills, in all four of my favorite scenes!! That’s remarkable because,

despite how important other films are to me, it’s rare to impossible for a film to recreate the initial physical reflex imbued in an unfolding story, complete with surprises that thrill, after seeing it the first time!! The first scene, the next to last, and 2 others in between have, at six separate viewings!!! — given me full body chills, as if I didn’t know what was to happen next, or was seeing it anew.

That’s pretty impressive film-making. So far, there’s no way to build a tolerance to it’s effect. So many striking elements combine to bring that about, but I’m still content to remain in awe, and revel in the impact — exactly how the film does that is a precious mystery. Only to be solved by repeated viewings.The audience members were very excited, the theatre in downtown SF, almost filled to capacity, was quick to laugh, laughed long and hard, and waited in transfixed stone cold silence

with baited breath and rapt attention throughout the more suspenseful moments.There was even louder applause at the end of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS last night…the audience was ready and eager to enjoy the film. It was pretty clear some had been told many good things beforehand or they were returning for another viewing themselves, prepared to see something exceptional. Surprisingly akin to that unique ultra concentrated opening weekend exuberance. The energy was all around celebratory and electric. The word has spread, and the people in attendance were there to get their due of the massive appeal of the film. Something I noticed that made me smile is that at this point when you type in the words: “jubilant staccato nuance” or, ‘verdant enlightenment’ into google, up at the top of the list (or close), of search findings, is now either the myspace BASTERDS page, or a link to something INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS related…even though those words make no direct mention of the film or film makers. That also occurs with more obviously related searches like say, ‘rhythm and Tarantino’. Try it ! Were starting to respect our directors, even here. how many times have others seen it?

I’ve seen IB 1,000 times.

Ahah, is that a joke or what ? O0

[quote=“Sgt. Geoi Donowitz”]I’ve seen IB 1,000 times.[/quote]

Hah! i’ve seen it 1,002 times.


By my math, that means you’ve been watching IB over and over again nonstop since BEFORE it’s release. And for that, I aplaud you.

Yes. I rule.

And I’ve just seen it two more times since I posted that initial count. It’s now 1,002.

[quote=“Tornmuscle”]By my math, that means you’ve been watching IB over and over again nonstop since BEFORE it’s release. And for that, I aplaud you.[/quote]

That would also mean that Geoi has no life and could just sit in a theater all day long. Which I know isn’t true since she has a daughter.

Tuché mademe.

“Touché madame” but it looks pretty much the same, ahah.

over 9000


Ify, you’ve seen it negative 23 times? That’s horrible.


[quote=“Sgt. Geoi Donowitz”]Ify, you’ve seen it negative 23 times? That’s horrible.[/quote]

I know, I feel ashamed. :frowning:

do you have a girlfriend ify?

[quote=“dandadub”]do you have a girlfriend ify?[/quote]

Are you asking me out on a date?

yeah to go see inglouious basterds

[quote=“dandadub”]yeah to go see inglouious basterds[/quote]

I watched it twice, 4 days before it was officially released here in the UK (as early as 15th August)!! ;D

It’s not September 15th yet. ???

[quote=“Sgt. Geoi Donowitz”]It’s not September 15th yet. ???[/quote]