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How many people are actually in the Crazy 88

How many people are actually in the Crazy 88, including the first few guys B kills, Gogo and all the dudes that turn up on motorbikes? Also, how many of these dudes are actually killed?


44 ppl in the crazy 88

[quote]44 ppl in the crazy 88[/quote]

how can you tell? did you count them?

im guessing he divided 88 by 2.

[quote]im guessing he divided 88 by 2.[/quote]


There’s roughly 3 dozen. Says so on the inside dvd cover.

I looked at the overhead HOBL shot from the trailer and its about 41-42 and including the 6 O’ren bodyguards its about 48-50.

yeah, I checked the overhead shots too, and I counted 43. Which coupled with the 6 originally with O-Ren makes 49 (or 50 if you count Go-Go).

the IMDB says that in the restaurant, she kills 57 people.

how do we know everyone was at HOBL?

Very true. We don’t know that all of the Crazy 88 made it to the House of Blue Leaves.

Her monologue at the beginning of volume 2 in the car where she says, “I’ve killed a hell of a lot of people to get to this point.”  In one of the earlier versions of the script, she gives the figure 33. I believe the exact line was, "I’ve killed a hell of a lot of people to get to this point, 33 to be exact." So minus Vernita Green and O-Ren, that’s 31.

Minus Buck and his ‘client’. And Go-Go, she’s not a member of the Crazy 88 - Beatrix introduces her separately. Hmm, so 49-28 = 21 members still left alive.

Poor Johnny Mo… I love his triple-angle death scream.

Isn’t that directly before Bill, chronologically? So do we count Elle?

I decided to check this out for myself, having a zoom feature makes it much easier. I counted exactly 50 members including the first six she kills and Johnny Moe. I didn’t count Go-Go since she isn’t actually part of the “powerful possi”.

And I re-counted to make sure. I’m not sure how many she killed but there’s atleast ten of them slowly making their way back to the door in that last shot. What’s really funny is that you can see the guy who got his eye plucked out, sloshing around and stumbling.

No, we wouldn’t count Elle. Beatrix didn’t kill her, and I think she knows it (she wanted her to suffer).

Pointyman has it.

No, we don’t count Elle, simply because she didn’t killer her, or “directly” kill her, anyway.

Ok, this kind of fits in here.

Is it just me or is the crazy 88 (one of the six who follow O-ren around) with the thick light brown hair (I’ve forgotten his name) really cute?

I don’t know about that, but that dude is a PIMP

I’ve found his name! It’s Kazuki Kitamura! Would somebody post a picture of him so that we can all admire his beauty?