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How long did it take to write?

If anybody can give me a list of how long it took for Tarantino to write each of his scripts, that would be greatly appreciated. I look at RD and think it must have taken atleast four or five months, but maybe that’s just me. I’ve read dozens of interviews, and not one has given me the answer.

This is my first post.

Oh, this is only my first dive of nerdiness into the awesome Tarantinoverse.

How many gallons of fake blood did they use for this film? I remember reading somewhere it was four gallons, but that’s probably wrong…

It literally took Tarantino a total of three weeks to create Reservoir Dogs, he typed the entire script inside his friend’s garage. . . . .Once Lawrence Bender read it. . . . .well I guess you know the rest.

He typed it? The first draft? I thought he wrote all his stuff with a pen and paper.

Three weeks? That’s pretty cool, to write such an awesome flick in just three weeks…

He typed his first draft on an old typewriter.

Three weeks? That’s pretty cool, to write such an awesome flick in just three weeks…

he did have a blue print before writing (city on fire) but three weeks is pretty good.

i also heard that robert rodriguez wrote el mariachi in three weeks too.

wow three weeks…i tried writing a screenplay that went for 30 mins and it took me around a month