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How long are the missing reels?


wouldnt it be better and just wait 6 days and be surprised?

no no it wouldn’t. I’m just hoping its not like 10 minutes or something


from reading the scripts, it seemed that RR wrote the missing reel into his script and QT actually had to cut footage out of DP for the missing reel effect. Can’t tell on the timing, but a real missing reel would be around 16-20 minutes. I doubt RR actually shot his missing reel but it’d be a nice dvd easter egg if he did. As for DP, well we’ve seen footage in the advertising that has been lost via the “missing reel” so I’m sure we’ll get some of that on the dvd.

Overall, these are just guestimates but I would say 5 minutes from DP and 15 mins from PT.

well the “missing reels” as such, are really really not much. i mean, in terms of content. it’s called a reel but it’s really just scenes that are missing. robert and quentin cut their films down really a lot to make them short grind house fun flicks, which will all go back in for the seperate releases. but that doesnt have anything to do with the missing reels. just be surprised


I thought it was like parts where theres a little sign that says " MISSING REEL " and all you hear is audio for 10 minutes

yeah there will be a sign saying that. but no audio, and it’s not that long. you’ll see. you’ll like it

ok I trust you Masta Seb.

did anyone see the lapdance stuntman mike got or was it a missing reel everywhere???, when i saw it they went inside and it says missing reel and then it shows them walking out and i was like ‘‘god dammit’’ lol

yeah, it was a missing reel everywhere