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Hong Kong Vice - Donnie Yen, Andrew Lau and ....?

I think Donnie needs to stay with Wilson Yip for as long as humanly possible.

But still:
[quote]I am planning so many projects. This year we have a package deal with The Weinstein Co. to shoot three movies in Asia next year in English. This is great news for us, bringing movie from the West to the East. This will mean a lot of people can work. The subject matters are great, lots of East-meets-West stories that will allow me learn more about the West. The films are going to be shot in Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand. One, in Hong Kong, we call “Hong Kong Vice,” like “Miami Vice,” another, to shoot in Macau, will look like “Ocean’s 11,” and the third, to be shot in Bangkok, will be called “Bangkok Ransom,” about a kidnap. I will produce all three with scriptwriters from Hollywood. I got to show them around Hong Kong and Macau and they seemed so happy.[/quote]

The whole Andrew Lau interview: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 771de89a86”></LINK_TEXT>

Team-mate is Aaron Kwok, Hopefully.

Hey, I can see it:

HK Miami Vice would be cool… if it was the 80s!

Can’t see much good coming out of these. Not in the hands of Andrew over-rated Lau

Aaron Kwok would be awesome.

I love the guy, even in mediocre movies. Definetely one of the most charismatic HK-actors in my book.