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Home Sick 08/26/2008

Finally After 2 years of waiting, it is finally being released on dvd. Any one excited about this? Finally an original low budget horror movie thats not SOV. Hopefully this will start a new trend and have more people shooting on 16mm and 35mm. This is shot on 16mm. Has Tiffany Shepis, Bill Moseley, and Tom Towles.


A smiling psychopath with a briefcase full of razorblades turns a homecoming get-together into a terrifying bloodbath when he forces the partiers to identify the people they hate, and a black-hooded supernatural killer begins viciously slaying each person identified. Mr. Suitcase (Bill Moseley) may maintain a happy visage, but don’t be fooled by appearances because he’s actually a horrifying harbinger of death. After crashing a homecoming bash for Claire (Lindley Evans) commands everyone in the room to name the one person they hate, and then makes a slash in his skin for each person who answers. Soon thereafter, everyone named that fateful night begins dying in the most gruesome ways imaginable. It seems that a supernatural killer is stalking them one by one, but upon realizing that partygoer Tim (Matt Lero) had joked that he hated everyone in attendance, the terrified friends all begin to wonder if they could be the next to go. Desperate to defeat the malevolent force that stalks them from beyond, the teens seek the weapons they need to stay alive from a chili-loving militiaman with enough heavy artillery to blow up a small town.