Hollywood Beatles references

I notice there are two references to Beatle - related films in OUATIH. Towards the end, when Rick, Cliff and Sharon are eating out on August 8, a billboard for the film Candy featuring Ringo Starr can be seen. In the scene where Rick is telling Cliff they’ll have to go their separate ways on their return, the location given is Almeria Spain, where John Lennon filmed How I Won The War. Has anyone spotted other Beatles references?

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Obviously, the song “Piggies” - an Harrison piece on the White Album

Ah yes, of course. I’d completely overlooked that one!

I think it was a complicated issue for QT because one could rightly argue that it’s not fair to involve the Beatles with the mansons but unfortunately, these f***ers made very clear that this particular song “influenced“ them.
QT could have avoided the reference as the Beatles bare no responsibility at all in what happened but I get his point when he underlines the ambiguity behind the lyrics of this specific song.
At the end of the day, although its purpose was of course not to push to murder, its message has that bit of fascism which makes it the indisputable worst Beatles song ever as far as I’m concerned.

Not sure if mentioning Almeria is really a Beatles reference by any intention… it is where spaghetti westerns waere made.
A plain reference would have been Helter Skelter, but since the movie does not dwell much on any Manson background, …
But then again, I am not a Beatles expert. I would be surprised if QT was much of a Beatles fan

Once again, I really think “Piggies“ is a plain reference.

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Yea, but is QT really referencing the Beatles or is he just having someone quote Manson, he being the one referencing the Beatles :slight_smile: It is so meta, hehe

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I’ve just seen a very long list of movies filmed in Almeria Spain so the Lennon/Beatles connection probably is just a coincidence. I do agree that Piggies is a terrible song though!
Another 1960s pop connection/coincidence (probably unnoticed by QT) which may be of interest is that in the Great Escape sequence, Rick mentions George Chakiris being in the running for the McQueen role. Chakiris recorded a 45 with legendary independent record producer Joe Meek, who also recorded a string of hits with John Leyton, who appears in The Great Escape and, I think, can be seen briefly in shot in OUATIH. A minor observation for sure but factual trivia nonetheless!

Have a look at this


Great info there, thanks for sharing. ‘Bird flavor’ can be added to the range of Wolf’s Tooth dog food shown in Cliff’s cupboard.