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High res images

Like everybody else on a non 56k dial-up line, I like high res images. The only crisp images I’ve seen are from Which by the way is a great site.

Are there more high res resources out there?

BTW, I’m new and I recently have become a Tarantino follower. This site is a great resource. Thanks!

hi and welcome to the board. has released some. but they are not that much high-res.

check out they have tons of high-res material. but not much kill bill i am afraid

before i click are they spoiler free?


they’re awesome pics.

Those pics are pretty badass. If you’ve already seen the pics from or read the script, then there’s nothing that your probably don’t already know.

Thanks everybody!

The main thing that I’m looking for now is a high res poster image for Pulp Fiction. Any help would be appreciated. I’ll be taking a hundred or so screen caps from Kill Bill Vol1. I’ll post the link once they’re done. Maybe they can be hosted here!