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High 8 then transfer to 16mm?

Hi, in the special features of the pulp fiction dvd, there are deleted scenes. The deleted scene with mia interviewing vincenent with the camcorder, Quentin comes on before and says that if you want to make a film, then record it on high 8 and transfer to 16mm. What does he mean? Just record on a regular 8mm camcorder and then transfer it to 16mm?

He’s talking about the actual footage captured by Mia when she recorded the interview with Vincent. It was recorded handheld on a High 8 cam, rather than using a professional movie camera. So he just took that raw footage from that camcorder used on the shoot by Uma and transferred it to 16mm, so he could use it in the movie.

Why would he want to transfer Hi8 to 16mm for a 35mm movie?

He said that the Hi8 footage, when transferd to 35mm looked like “bad 16mm”, so shoot in Hi8, then transfer it to 35mm film, which is super expensive. What any tight-wad (Robert Rodriguez) filmmaker would tell you, is shoot on video, edit, then shop your film around, on video, then get the studio, if and when they buy the film, to transfer it to film. :wink:

Robert Rodriguez didn’t shoot El Mariachi or Bedhead on video. He shot it in 16mm and had the negative transferred directly to video. It’s a lot better looking than the other way around (transferring from video to film). And then get the studio to make a film print from the original negative.

what is this? the ninties? use DIGITAL!!!


Rodriguez uses digital now ofr everything

The only reason not to is if you are really nostalgic

but low-budget means more to ppl nowadays than nostalgia