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Hidden Meanings in Pulp Fiction

Here are some really cool exerpts from an article about hidden meanings in Pulp. I cant believe all the things that are hidden in the film. Theyre everywhere. Heres a few…

Jules says hes going to walk the Earth like Caine in Kung Fu:

It is significant that Tarantino associates Jules with Caine (Cain), who is a protagonist in both ‘Kung Fu,’ and Genesis. The Genesis story is very odd because rather than punishing Cain with death for killing Abel, God marks him, making him invulnerable to the attacks of his enemies. As a result Cain, like Jules is invincible and obliged to wander the earth.

  • Vincent Vega and Marcellus Wallaces Wife: Significantly, the title expresses the union of Vincent with Marsellus Wallace’s property. It is no coincidence that Mrs. Wallace’s first name is "Mia," the Italian first person possessive pronoun meaning “my” or "mine." Mia is an extremely valuable piece of property; and she does not function as much more than that in this film. Vincent is profoundly aware of this and has immense respect for the sanctity of marriage, which in his world is equivalent to possession.

  • Jules and Vincent are delivering the briefcase and its mysterious contents to Marsellus at his topless bar named Sally Le Roy’s. Even the name of the bar connotes possession. “Le Roy” means “the king” in French. This bar belongs to the king, Marsellus Wallace.

  • BUTCH RETREIVING THE GOLD WATCH: When Butch goes back for the watch, he ceases to be a double-crossing thug, and becomes a noble knight and a defender of sacred values. Butch transforms his apartment into his personal Wake Island and thereby relives the glorious exploits of his ancestors. Then when Butch rescues Marcellus from Zed and Maynard he has finally earned the right to wear the sacred Gold Watch.

    THE PAWN SHOP SEQUENCE: Butch makes a run for it, diving into the Mason and Dixon gun shop, the fateful place where Butch and Marsellus become allies against a common foe. Before the civil war, the Mason and Dixon line was seen as dividing the slave states from the free states; upon crossing this symbolic line, Butch and Marsellus both become slaves. Marsellus becomes the sex slave of the sadistic Maynard and Zed. Throughout this film there are many references to Marsellus getting “fucked” by his enemies, but the figurative language used by Vince and Jules to describe Marsellus being deprived of his rightful property becomes literal in this ultra-violent scene.

    Marsellus symbolizes the landed aristocracy. There is no doubt that Marsellus is king of his domain; Vincent and Jules are the knights in his service. It is significant that the name “Vincent Vega” and “Winnfield” (Jules’ surname) mean the same thing. Vincent from the Italian “vincere” means “to win,” and Vega means “plain” or “field” in Spanish. Both Vincent and Jules win the field for Marsellus.ÂÂ

That’s some amazing insight there.this deepens my enjoyment of Pulp Fiction even further! wow!

When Frank Whaley and his crew, are taken out in the opening scene. The screen flashes the same color that is shining out of the briefcase.

I read some shit about Lance looking like Jesus with his long hair and long jacket, is yhis right?

yeah, i noticed that too, he’s like Jesus :wink:

Lance is like Jesus…if Jesus was a heroin dealing, cereal eating, adrenaline shot having, red haired scrub. :slight_smile:

so nice insight there…it definitely makes me appreciate pulp fiction even more…good job man

A really good job toothpick!


I really liked your post toothpick, it has to be one of my favorites. However, try to get a little more clever. “Adrenaline shot having?” Good one.

Excellent post, very insightful.

The Jesus thing… Yeah, when he runs out of the house just after Vincent crashes the car he totally looks like Jesus. The sandles, the robe, the hair… It’s fuckin’ hilarious.


really good stuff toothpick. that is very clever, all of that. it all sort of ties together. when i learn more about a movie, it helps me understand it more, which makes me like it more. thanks

[quote]When Frank Whaley and his crew, are taken out in the opening scene.  The screen flashes the same color that is shining out of the briefcase.[/quote]

I watched the second disc of the special edition DVD and this is brought up a lot. Roger Ebert mentions this at least twice like he knows everything about everything.

the combo on the breifcase is 666 - the mark of the devil. Since the case belongs to Marsellus Wallace, he is personified as Satan, while Jules and Vince are his minions. The same gold color that flashes when Vince opens the case is seen during the shooting spree, showin that the two hitmen are doing the devil’s work.

Another thing relating to religon has to do with redemption - the main theme in this film. The Wolf saves Vince and Jules, Vince and Lance save Mia, Butch saves Marsellus, etc.

Jules, at the final restauant scene, says he has been enlightened and decides to stop doing the “dirty work” (essentially turning away from the devil). Vince does not reconcile, so he is punished by death (if the movie had linear progression, the restaurant scene would have come before the scene in Butch’s apartment.)

I didn’t really figure this out though, it’s all on the second disc of the special edition dvd. Watch the Siskel and Ebert review and (if you have the time) read Ebert’s news column for more of this kind of stuff.

Yeah. Marcellus is viewed as Satan in many ways. In the “fuck pride” monologue, a lot of people speculate that the bandage Marcellus wears is hiding something, like the mark of the beast or whatnot. But it’s just a regular cut Ving Rhames got and he happened to have a bandage on his neck at the time of the shooting. I guess it worked out for the best, it adds so many meanings to his role in the movie alone, just by having that bandaid on.

QT is brilliant and he has attracted some brilliant people to him. How many other writer/directors are there that have a fan base like this and that get together to disect every meaning of their movies. Toothpick you gave a hell of a view. I think that is better explained that even QT could have given. Good Job, Nigga.