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Hi everyone. Jus like to say Tarantino is a genius after all the hype behind Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs i decided to watch them.

Now ive seen both of these Masterpeices I was simply amazed how the movies never follow the path your expecting None of the Chracters are way 2 Demensional, Samuel L Jackson & Steve Buscemi Shine in Pulp & Dogs.

I cant wait for Kill Bill it looks like a bruce lee movie with a Tarantino Coat of Paint i havent seena decent Kung Fu flick in ages so this should be good.

I have a question the pulp theme is great (in my opinon it is tarantinos theme the instant you hear it you think ‘Quentin Tarantino!’) but can someone tell me who created it? .

If you’re referring to the opening surf music during the credits of Pulp Fiction, the man who’s responsible for writing and performing it is Dick Dale. He’s the end-all, be-all of instrumental surf music. It’s called “Miserlou” and I believe it was written in the 50’s or 60’s. Dick Dale and his Deltones are still rockin’ and touring. Catch them if you get the chance. They’re awesome.


A-men to that! i love that dick dale song from pulp fiction. isn’t it called misirlou? really great song! on top of that it’s a really good movie. my favorite from QT as of now, but maybe kill bill will change that. let’s just wait and see…

That song really worked perfectly fit the intro to Pulp fiction. By the way RD, if you’ve only seen pulp and RD, you might wanna check out Jackie Brown. It’s QT’s third movie and it’s really good. In my opinion it isn’t as good as the other two, but many critics would disagree with me. I’m really glad to see that more people are into QT’s work.

uh…whats the name…Misirlou! thats it! thats the name of the opening song in pulp. dick dale rocks!