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Hey...I guess You coud say is my first time. lol


I’m a recent new addition to the board and I gotta say the Kill Bill saga kicks all kinds of tushi. lol I specifically love to hell and back Elle Driver. But that’s neither here or there. lol

Well…I sincerely dunno if this is the right place for this. it is a question regarding sounds but is not about the soundtrack per ce. I’m trying to find some wav.files from Kill Bill Vol 2. I have quite a few from vol 1 which are choice but I’m craving one in particular which is turning to be a hassle. If anybody here knows where I could find this lovely quote…

“Bitch…You don’t have a future.”

in a mp3, wav or any kind of audio file I would greatly appreciate it.

Well…Hoping this topic gets a reply. Probably get booted off from doing something wrong. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

you can just record dialogue from the DVD if you hook up any kind of recorder to the analog out of your dvd player