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Any Heroes fans? I thought the first season was great, but season 2 was a bit of a let-down. Season 3 started a few weeks ago and I think its back to its best now.

I love Heroes! I think series three makes Peter Patrelli look like more of a fuckin emo cock. I know there’s more to see… I just hope they can salvage him. I mean, it’s interesting that you get to see two growths of the same character, but I liked him SO much before S3. I love Hiro. He’s so cute and enthusiastic. You think they’d learn by now to quit being the cause though.

Heroes is one of those fun shows to watch as long as you can keep yourself from thinking. You tune in with your brain on and the plot holes and stupid characters can become exceedingly distracting. I guess it’s still kinda fun to watch and poke holes through, but I’ve always kind of thought of Heroes as something to watch while waiting for Lost to come back on.

The future episode was extremely frustrating. Mostly due to the fact that Peter is not nearly a smart enough person to deserve the power he has. He’s like the George W. Bush of the series. For example, why did he let Knox hold Sylar’s little kid hostage when he could have very easily stopped time and saved him before things got out of hand? Or why didn’t future Peter just team up with Sylar and have him help figure things out, as opposed to taking on Sylar’s power? It sure appeared as if Future Peter and Future Sylar were on pretty good terms.

I also think it’s more than a little odd that Suresh has just created a formula that can give anybody powers at the same time that a much more effective formula that does the same thing has been stolen.

I love the show but more times than not it seems the writer’s just have characters do things that defy all logic just for the sake of story. It seems like they’re trying too hard to make up for Season Two (which to me wasn’t that bad the second time around) and are now just doing things that seem big and meaningful with no regards for how people really are. But, I don’t know, I guess the one real big flaw of Season Two was that they didn’t really have time wrap things up the way they would have liked. Season One took over half the season to tie everything together.

I watched the first season nd didn’t like it! I liked 4400 way more but it also got tiring. Dexter is the best show ever!!

While we are on the subject what kind of superpower would you like to have?

I could really go for perfect Technopathy myself… apart form pritty much instantly taking control of the world and owning all other superpowered individuals …the web surfing privileges would be mind boggling…

I dont think dexters all that great i can think of half a dozen shows off the top of my head that are better…

I think my preferred power would be telekinesis. But with my luck I think I’ve already got my super power. It’s the same as Peter’s except I’m the only person with powers so there’s nothing to draw from.

As far as Dexter is concerned I think it’s a great show. Not the best ever (that title will be forever held by The Wire) but definitely in my top 5. I really love Jimmy Smitts this season and Dexter continues to be the only fictional character I relate to more than Leonard Shelby.

I think series three makes Peter Patrelli look like more of a fuckin emo cock. [/quote]

lmao! I never noticed that before.

Dex, you’re right. You do need to check your common sense at the door with Heroes. I mean, with the power to turn back time every misfortune in the show could be turned around and avoided. But I think in a time when tv is dominated by ‘reality-based’ bullshit its one of the best shows around at the moment. What I like best is that its a superhero show based in reality as opposed to the surreal cartoonish worlds usually seen in superhero movies or tv shows.