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Help with a song not listed in Pulp Fiction OST

Hello all:

I spent too many years of my life trying to know which is this song. The song appears while Vincent Vega (Travolta) and Mia (Uma Thurman) are dinning in the restaurant. And they are talking about things, and then suddenly the silence. While this silence between the two actors, appears a song with a special riff of guitar. Then she talks about the silencies, and the song left to sound.

The same song, or at least a similar version, appears too in Robert Rodriguez´s “Roadracers/Rebel Highway”, a film he did for TV in 1994, with David Arquette and Salma Hayeck.

Anyone here could help me and tell me which song is, and from who?

All the best,


damn, I know what song you mean… I try to find it out…

I’m pretty sure its “Ace of Spades” by Link Wray.

Link Wray also did the song when Mia is going to the bathroom, walkin kinda slow, its called “Rumble”. Both songs are guitar instrumental tunes.

yeah that’s what I meant


Sure, that´s the song: “Rumble”. Great song, wooooww, so many years searching for it, and just in some minutes, i have found it with your help.

Thank you very much again.

All the best,


“Rumble” has always appeared in great movies. Ehh, except for maybe INDEPENDENCE DAY maybe…Well…Now that I think of it, naw, ID4 aint that bad since Vivica shows some skin in it In case you missed it, “Rumble” plays on a jukebox when Randy Quaid’s character is in the bar.

But “Rumble” has also appeared in:

Streets of Fire

The Warriors (In the alternate beginning)


Am I forgetting any more?

From Dusk Till Dawn 2 has a couple of similar-to-Pulp songs

But yes, Ace of Spades is heard in the film. It’s played for a few seconds before Rumble kicks in. It sounds very simmilar to Rumble.