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Help me settle the score...True Romance vs. Natural Born Killers

Which do you feel Quentin more in??

Natural Born Killers: Story by Quentin, did not do screen play, nor did he direct or produce

True Romance: Written and screen play by Quentin,but not directed or produced by Quentin.

My kids feels Natural Born Killers feels like Quentin through and through-(even though I know he did NOT like the way Oliver Stone wrote the screen play…)

I feel Quentin in True Romance much more.

Your thoughts please?? Can’t STAND for my 16 yr old to be right!!

I definetly felt True Romance was more of a Tarantino movie. The dialogue and the stoyline were more Tarantino-esque.

True Romance of course. NBK with all it’s critique on the media and society, Quentin hates that. It’s not him.

QT disowned NBK a long time ago. I guess that should mean something.

True Romance is the better film and Clarence is basically QT when he wrote the script. Down to his Elvis obsession, his favorite movie/TV shows and clothing style. QT has even said that TR is like watching a home movie from a certain period in his life when he worked at Video Archives (in the movie VA is substituted by a comic book store: Heroes For Sale). Not that everything in the film happened (QT never killed a pimp of course), but alot of the characters and overall background of the movie is based on his own life/interests. Clarences boss is even named Lance. Lance Lawson was QTs old boss. I also think the thing about him going to a movie on his birthday every year was true.

True romance is for sure more tarantino, but NBK is a far better film in many ways, minus the sicillian/walken part

Totally True Romance. It’s so much Quentin’s movie.

True Romance

[quote=“mr blonde_22”]
True romance is for sure more tarantino, but NBK is a far better film in many ways, minus the sicillian/walken part

Time out Green Bay, tell that bullshit to the tourists! The only thing thats probably better in NBK is the soundtrack, besides that, I cant think of anything else. I dont even really like the film anyways.

my personal opinion on True romance was a popcorn action movie with slightly better story and alot better dialouge, NBK had its own unique style, fantastic acting, great editing, amazing directinion and Rodney dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield is hilarious and a great actor but then again so is Dennis Hopper and Chris Walken too. Plus True Romance is more Quentin than NBK and I don’t really like Stone as a director, he should stick to writing. I shall re watch both tonight.

I like several Stone films, NBK isnt one of them tho.

just because romance is more tarantino doesnt make it a better film

good point

Some may consider NBK better, some TR. If you mean NBK is more technically cinematic than TR, Id have to agree on that count. TR really isnt spectacularly directed, its pretty straight forward Tony Scott style. BUT for me, its still better because I love the pure QT story/dialogue/characters overall atmosphere more than I do in NBK. Just my personal preference. For me, TR is more than just a movie, its like a special time capsule film for me that always brings back great memories of a certain period in my life. I remember seeing the commercials for TR and knowing even then that I’d love it. Then I saw it and it really became one of my most favorite films. With NBK that def didnt happen at all. Its just not a film I like very much regardless of how well directed/shot/acted it is.

i know where you coming from dude, everyone has different reactions to different movies i enjoyed NBK more because of the undertones and satire i find that very entertaining whereas some people dont. ITs weird that tony scott directed a fairly straight foward action movie considing his latest efforts Domino, Man on Fire and deja vu are all over the top visually

Im not really even a big Tony Scott fan, much more of a Ridley Scott fan. But I love TR.

As far as satires go, I do enjoy those kinds of films too, I just didnt like how it was done in NBK. Maybe it was the subject matter. Its more of a turn off than anything. But, its not for everyone.

True Romance is way better.

I rewatched NBK last night and I kinda… dug it… :slight_smile: even though I think the constant format changing (Super 8 to 35) is annoying.

NBK was raped by Stone while True Romance was more of a artist’s impression of a Tarantino movie.