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Help!I'm looking for a book:

Hi, i’m doing a project for college on tarantino, can anyone please give me the ISBN number for this book:



Please post here if you are able to help.

Thanks, kray. ;D

hey. good luck for your work.

if you need anything further, just tell me.

the ISBN number for that GREAT BOOK is:

ISBN 0-06-095161-3

Publisher: HarperPerennial

be cool

Cheers mate! Can u tell me what sort of stuff is in the book?or any other book about tarantinos films, which explains his meanings etc in the films?

Kray, ;D

“The man and his movies” is a huge biography from his child years up to jackie brown or so. lots of people are interviewed, and all the stories. the best tarantino book yet.

there’s a book by Gerald Peary called “Quentin Tarantino: Interviews” which is a collection of interviews.

Thanks again. Just a couple more things if u don’t mind helping me out. What is the ISBN for that other book with interviews in?and what does that book and the other one by Bernard cost?

Also do u know of any other websites besides this one where i can get information about why tarantino does certain things in his films, and where he explains why he does certain things?

cheers again


all Tarantino books. The best one is the one by Jami Bernard.