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Hell ride


also in the news section, but here again:


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Rev those engines, pop open some beers and get ready for a HELL RIDE!!! :smiley:


Trailer looks alright. Haven’t read much about it at all, but it seems like a fun action flick. Something not to be taken too seriously. It’s funny seeing “Bill” tied up. Not too sure about having Vinnie Jones in there, good in Lock Stock and better in Snatch, but anything after, especially X-Men 3 has made me shudder with embarassment for his acting skills. “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch” :-[


can someone pin down the music that’s playing in the trailer? something with “devil” and “inside me”. i need to know!


looks like a awesome film coming on… :slight_smile:


At first, I didn’t really care about this movie, but after seeing the poster and a few screencaps i’m all for it. When was the last good biker film out? I think its time for a new biker film. Plus it’s also a revenge movie and i’m a sucker for some sweet revenge.


does nobody have an idea about the song that plays towards the middle? ;-(


the DVD cover is already up on Amazon

still no word on a soundtrack though…


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Yeah it is neat. I also like the drawing of the multiplex with the diff theaters/ levels etc.


can’t wait to see this film goddamnit…

i’ll probably never see it anytime soon


hell ride sneak preview



I can’t wait for this movie! My feelings for it have changed so much. When I first heard about it I thought it sounded great. Then the trailer kind of put me off because it was so different to what I expected. Now I’m really looking forward to it and want it NOW!




still not Quicktime HD, but a bit better than previously:

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check it


Sounds awesome - anyone want to put up my plane fare?


some pictures of the after party

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(yesterday was the sneak preview in LA)


Ah, so cool. Looking forward to the film a lot.


here’s an extended clip from the film. most of that was in the trailer, this time it’s just uninterrupted and complete:

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