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Hell Ride NOT up for Download

I was searching for anything on Hell Ride when I noticed alot of downloads have popped up recently for this film. I thought it must be fake at first but some are coming from private sources that do not usually deal in fake files. Im actually planning on digging further into this and find out the whole deal.

ADMIN EDIT: the file is a hoax, it is a different movie with the same title (original title: the trip)

Eh? I tried to download the sample vob to see what it was and it asks me to sign up to a site. In fact all the hell ride downloads do! These sites usually have real movies, not fakes. If so, it will be everywhere in a few days.

Uh, yeah. Its fuckin real as far as I can tell. I got hold of a sample vob from the download and here is a pic of the movie.

I dont know how complete this version is as its still in production but it is the movie!

I downloaded the whole film and its not the Hell Ride we are thinking of. Its another completely different film, a real cheesefest. IT IS NOT HELL RIDE

it’s a movie called “the trip” that was retitled to not be confused with another film called The Trip

Yeah I looked into this also. I figured something was up but you never can tell. Idiots!