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Heavy Metal Legends

Of all bands METALLICA is the greatest. “Never Happy Endings On These Dark Sets.”

Master of Puppets! zee best! i’m not a huge heavy metal fan, but MOP is brilliance by definition

Heavy metal is an asshole.

One and Enter Sandman are da shit

I was really into heavy metal two years back, now I hardly listen to it.

And yeah, One is da shit.

slayer kicks ass but metallica is the definition of heavy metal

Slayer isn’t heavy metal, it’s thrash metal. Iron Maiden that’s heavy metal.

slayer kicks ass but metallica is the definition of heavy metal
[/quote]Metallica is the best band to have ever walked the earth. They are the very definition of Heavy Metal. “Welcome to where time stands still, no one leaves and never will. . .” Awesome lyrics too.

Other fave HM bands: TOOL, KORN, SYSTEM OF A DOWN.

I like Black Label Society.Zakk Wylde sure knows how to play a guitar thats for sure.

nobody can fuck with Pantera

i would consider them hard rock…

Pantera would have to be the best heavy metal band ever, but then you have to go into all the new styles of metal black, thrash, speed, core etc

Motley Crue

Haha are you shitting me why dont you say Bon Jovi too.I was watching A metel documentary a couple of days ago and they started talking about them and how they used drugs and shit damn I hate Motley Crue

Anybody like Metallica(early metallica)


Anybody like Metallica(early metallica)

Fuck Yea, but I miss the Cliff Burton Metallica

Black Sabbath…period.

for me its a tie up between zeppelin or sabbath i think they are both equal in their influence to rock ever since their reign

Iron Maiden is the greatest band.

Metallica should Give up.They were great until The black Album.Then…Rubbish.

“Die With Your Boots On!”

Thrash metal is the best. its got that kickass punk attitude without the whole pomposity and lord of the rings bullshit that you get with other metal. Metal sucks. Thrash Rules (Metallica are the biggest and best thrash band apart from st. anger which sucked balls). Honourable mentions go to Megadeth, Exodus, Slayer and Tankard!

All the “no good street punks” in eighties films were thrash metallers. Its so cool!

megadeth are pretty good, addicted to hangar 18 on guitar hero 2!!