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Have you ever thought about writing a film?

If you had thought about it and write a film i would be interested about knowing whats it about and read it. I think it´s pretty cool to read scripts that haven´t been readen before…so…well…ok.

Is that you Harvery? Anyway I’ve got my idea in my head but I keep fucking it up.

Not only did I think about it, but i wrote two scripts, one is a gangster movie, one is sort of a a drama. but i wrote it in german… And I’ve written a 20 paged summary (no script yet existst) for a fantasy/action movie.

I think writing is cool, its fun.

well i have a somewhat Skakespearen love movie and i also have a movie dealing with two hitmen , their wives, and mafia set out for revenge and if u can help me please feel free to give ideas and comments and your opinions


I’ve always wanted to be a novelist but recently I’m getting more and more into scriptwriting. In fact I took one idea I was gonna use for a novel and am currently adapting it into a screenplay. Hopefully I won’t bail out and leave it only partly written like my first novel attempt. Someone give me a kick up the arse :slight_smile:

I find it much easier to write novels and have wrote 2 or 3 but recently I have become really interested in writing scripts and am thinking of maybe transferring my novels into screenplays.

hey MISSMIA if u need help with those screenplays or even the directing part of it i would love to help

Cool thanks, I think I am going to need all the help I can get!

I wrote a novel once that me and my friends filmed later. The movie sucked big time but the novel was great (imo, haha, at least the best I’ve ever written)

I wrote a script called “This topic is stupid.” I need a publisher though.

listen whenever u r ready missmia let me know