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Hateful Eight- 70mm!

My wife and I caught Hateful Eight on opening night- blissful 70mm film presentation- at the King of Prussia, PA Regal theater. Just breathtaking on film.

A few days later I caught a 70mm screening at the Regal that’s closer to my house- a theater that thanks to Moviepass and, later, Regal Unlimited- I saw hundreds of movies at, which earned me an invite into the projection booth to check out the massive 70mm platter.

They had to bring in a projectionist that knew how to run film (most of the staff there are kids who came in after the switch to digital) and he was there from the first show until the last for the entire engagement of the 70mm print.

They even set him up a recliner, mini-fridge, etc! Haha. I asked if he’d mind if I shot a picture of the platter and he kindly obliged.

It is a great experience to see this movie in 70mm

Absolutely. After I caught that second 70mm screening (where I took this photo) I went right back into it with the digital print. There’s just no substitute for that organic film look. Same with the 35mm of Once Upon a Time- saw it opening night on 35mm then the next day digital, and its such a tangible difference.

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