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Has anyone seen the new scene in the latest OUATIH trailer?

I was watching CBS last night, and they showed a commercial for the movie during Big Brother…but I noticed a new scene & had my fiancee rewind it so I could see it again. It’s maybe 3 seconds long, but it shows Sharon(Margot) in a car, eating a burger with a wax paper wrapper, saying, “I know!”, like she’s replying to the voiceover narration. Has anyone else noticed this? I wonder how many scenes/how much footage was deleted?

Yes, that’s not in the movie. There’a a few more trailers and spots that show things that aren’t in the movie. Just as an example: a shot of Sharon coming out of a swimming pool

Cool! Do we know if thew dvd/bd will have deleted scenes?

there’s talk already of a longer version, maybe for Netflix, that would include some things that were cut, for example Tim Roth’s role, etc… stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Like this shot too… not in the film (: