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Harvey Weinstein & IB dvd release before the Oscar race

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’Basterds’ DVD Due Later This Year; Film Gets Ready For A Date With Oscar

With a surprisingly strong opening weekend, and a somewhat decent reception from critics, Harvey Weinstein has cleared some space on his mantle for another statue as he gets ready to throw “Inglourious Basterds” into the Oscar race. However, with the studio widely reported to be cash strapped (with some outlets speculating that The Weinstein Company’s very future depended on the performance of Tarantino’s film), Harvey is looking to the Best Picture winner everyone loves to hate, “Crash”, as a template on how to get the film into the hands of Academy voters on the cheap.

According to the LA Times, Harvey plans to release “Inglourious Basterds” on DVD in time for Oscar season to save money on shipping specialized, watermarked DVDs to Academy members which are a small fortune to produce. With a regular DVD costing only $5 to churn out versus $20 for each individually tagged screener (that will end up online anyway), Harvey is going to flood anyone and everyone in Hollywood with DVD copies of Tarantino’s latest. Apparently, Lionsgate flogged the industry with an estimated 120,000 copies of “Crash” ensuring everyone from studio heads to catering assistants saw the film, helping to vault it right into a Best Picture slot and eventual win. (Though with that many gratis copies floating around, it’s kind of mind-boggling “Crash” still remains the most Netflix-ed film of all time). What else will work in Harvey’s favor? Well, with ten Best Picture slots now up for grabs instead of five, weird left field choices are going to be the name of the game. If you thought “Juno” was an outrageous Best Picture nominee, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Despite how people have felt about the film, most agree that Christoph Waltz’s performance as Col. Hans Landa is one of the standouts. And certainly, in addition to Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay nominations, one for Waltz doesn’t seem completely out of the question, though it’s doubtful ‘Basterds’ would get anywhere near Best Picture if there were only five slots.

But as the Oscar season shapes up, it will be interesting to see how viable (or not) of a player “Inglourious Basterds” will remain in the major categories. The danger with throwing Tarantino’s film into the Oscar mix is that Harvey could end up with a “The Dark Knight” situation on his hands. As readers might recall, that film did boffo box-office numbers and was universally loved by critics, but as far as the Academy was concerned, it was still just a fanboy film. Aside from Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor, the film’s eight nominations were all in technical categories, shutting Nolan out of Best Director and the film out of Best Picture. And with ten Best Picture nominees, you can expect the studios to flag anything remotely well received for awards consideration. So not only will “Inglourious Basterds” face an uphill battle against the season’s standard prestige pics, but films like “Star Trek” — which will certainly get an awards campaign — may even bump it out of technical categories.

As for the DVD release, it will be distributed by Universal who entered a deal (check out <LINK_TEXT text=“ … terds-deal”></LINK_TEXT>) along with Genius to help the ailing Weinstein Company earlier in the year. While there is no release date yet, you can expect the disc to be a bare bones affair, with a more elaborate edition including all the bells, whistles and Quentin you can handle to appear sometime down the line.

Nice to plan for the Oscars but this looks like another Double Dip from the Weinsteins…

[quote=“young_master”]Nice to plan for the Oscars but this looks like another Double Dip from the Weinsteins…[/quote]

A Double-Dip just like the posting of this news. ;D

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Ah sorry, G, my bad. I haven’t read all the news in this section yet since I’m back. :-</E>

lol. No prob. Actually thank you for posting. It’s a different article. No one read mine, plus atleast we are getting more news about a early dvd release. So thank you.

The Basterds wouldn’t have had a shot at the technicals with or without Star Trek.

I hope Waltz walks away with an Oscar, but though it might be nominated in other categories (Best Picture most likely since it’s now ten slots) there is an extremely small chance it will win.

As far as DVD is concerned; i might have to double dip this motherfucker.

[quote=“Stiglitz”]The Basterds wouldn’t have had a shot at the technicals with or without Star Trek.

Why not?

I like how the article says it will be a bear bone DVD release and then a more elaborate one will come later. Yeah, it might be never. Still waiting on Kill Bill and Grindhouse.

Grindhouse is released. It’s in Japan but it’s there :smiley:

Grindhouse is said to be out in Dec. on Blu-ray and dvd in the U.S.

That is specifically why i bought the Japanese Grindhouse Dvd set. I got tired of waiting for TWBA so i had to buy the Grindhouse boxset and to be honest does anybody who has this dvd set honestly think the us version will be any better?

Inglourious Basterds will not win any oscars and thats a fact.

[quote=“Mr.Pink”]Inglourious Basterds will not win any oscars and thats a fact.[/quote]

If that’s a fact, tell me: am I lying?

It would be a crime if Quentin Tarantino is denied Best screenplay and Best director…ditto for Christoph Waltz and the very highest acting nod. Personally I feel best picture is more than deserved, and I hope Inglourious Basterds does get nominated and win. Best Screenplay and Best Director really belong to Tarantino — :slight_smile: for this film - I think as the year winds up this will become self-evident. Once people get used to the level of innovation in film-making that has been introduced through Tarantino’s latest. Ive been to several different theatres and many different showings of this film, and for all the dismissive ‘fanboy’ talk - the reality is the film plays most effectively with the decidedly neutral and (interestingly enough), more mainstream crowds, at the more close knit and specifically Tarantino loving venues the initial nights were ebullient, but after that wave passed, the aftershocks are being felt in the larger community. And the aftershocks are strong and palatable. Lots of females, a wide range of ages, races, and oddly somehow even more attentive and responsive than the initial fervour. I’ve noticed the laughs are more frequently in response to little jokes, ones that are not always anticipated by the people laughing at quintessential Quentin signature flourish…this is a subtle thing and does not extend to every fan or non-fan of course…and less in simple recognition of Tarantino standard in jokes. Even those are appreciated really well, with those unfamiliar with the trademark riffs and cadence, because they play on both levels,

The multi-layered aspects that employ both humor and pathos, also seem to be felt on both levels a bit more (dare i say it?) in the audiences that don’t seem to fit the ‘fanboy’ descript. it’s an amazingly layered film, and I’ve seen it come across very successfully with a whole different set of laughs in the minute to minute steady laughs, then different levels of serious regard, depending on where the audience is coming from.

It’s been frequently very surprising just how engaged different audiences are and why and how, based on unanticipated and maybe even misunderstood factors. I predict this film is going to resonate in unexpected ways and ultimately be understood to extend to the many on a very serious level overall —which does not subtract from the number and frequency of laughs. That’s part of the genius of it. Over time the overall value and meaning will be reconsidered with some hefty gravity.

Whatever strategy is employed to catch the oscar vote will hold little power compared to the word of mouth that gets and keeps this film’s presence in the academy’s point of focus.