Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday to Mr. Quentin Tarantino.

I agree with Scar, if you read this give us a sign and then GO MAKE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS!!!


;D :smiley: ;D Happy Birthday, Mr. Tarantino!!!


As everybody said before me, I won’t be more original, but I hope you’ll celebrate your birthday by working harder on Inglorious Bastard, isn’t the best present for you and your fans ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy B-Day QT!!! Don’t listen to them about the religious crap. I myself am a Christian, BUT…I believe in a loving God…not the one that a lot of Christians talk about.

and what a lovely thing to say to a man on his B-Day…jerk


Haha, that post is like 4 years old.


Well, I am almost a month late with my birthday wishes, but what the hell. Huh, seems he shares a birthday with my niece. Pretty nice.

Anyway, many belated birthday wishes and hope you had a great day. :slight_smile:


And he is 55 today. Happy Birthday, Quentin!


Awesome, a birthday thread.


Really this is the best site about filmmaker…
The post started 2004, now we are in 2018!

Happy birthday Mr Tarantino