Happy Birthday Topic


Due to the fact that we don’t have a special topic for saying Happy Birthday, I just open this one.

Happy Birthday


oh… so you’re 26 now Yoshi? Feliz cumpleaños!!! ;D


Hey Big Mans Wife. I just changed my Avatar for Yoshi for this day.

Cuz he said that his name is Yoshitsune and a Yoshi is this:

But I think, Yoshi is a great name! What is your opinion?


Hey ho, Yoshitsune, you won’t get anything nicer by anyone else but me: :smiley:


Awww man, you don´t have to wait till it´s my birthday to send me some of these. Just keep ´em rollin´ in. :slight_smile:

looks at pic

Dammit. Must be nice to be a teacher.

Oh, right, i forgot: Thanks, girls. I owe you one (for each of you).


Happy Birthday to you ! Keep the posts rolling and always be a witty guy like you are !


Yes CPS, I think Yoshi suits him perfectly… he’s as cute as that little toy! :wink:


alles gute zum geburtstag dude :slight_smile:


[size=200]Happy Birthday



Happy Birthday, Andrew 8)


happy b-day buono


It’s not my birthday, foo


thats for your 19th birthday, i precongratualte you


happy recent birthday, clown


happy birthday to:

Samuel L. Jackson (56)

Kiefer Sutherland (38)

Julie Delply (35)


56… damn, his golden years are over




happy birthday to the following people:

fridge_buzz_now, Titty Twister, Fechin, I shot Nice Guy Eddie, mr.chainsaw, What_About_John, Sonny Chiba


with the new calendar, everyone can check birthdays.

the people listed on the main site though, dont have birthdays, they have birthdays soon. i think i have set a 7 day period. so click on the calendar itself to check who has a birthday on what day.

… happy birthday :slight_smile:


[size=200]Hey, Roulette 67 and Larry Dimick

Happy Birthday!