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Happy Birthday Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman, director who spoofed ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ nearly two decades before it came out with ‘The Seventh Seal’ is 87 years young today. A website dedicated to him is being launched in September and you can see a trailer here . For those of you who have not seen a Bergman film I also recommend ‘Persona’, ‘The Silence’ and ‘Wild Strawberries’.

87 years young? questionable, but happy birthday

allot of people like q.tarantino, miike scorsese, fellini-but bergman is my favorite film maker bottom line. i just read his book “bergman on bergman”.

i should get more into swedish cinema, i feel like im missing out alot, im all about europe the last couple of months, and ive been so focused on italy, france & spain, ive been forgetting you guys up north, im ashamed to say ive only seen 3 Ingmar films, Seventh Seal, Fanny och Alexander & Scenes from a Marriage

^i know its off topic and i never talked with anyone about this, but how many movies do you watch in a day, and were do you get all that money to do so?

i watch a minimum of 2-3 films a day, when it’s winter sometimes 5 a day for a couple weeks straight, where i get the money? save, spend everything you earn on film, thats what i do, like my birthday is coming up so i’ll get plenty of money from relatives wich i’ll save for a while and then go out and buy like 20 dvd’s, its a passion of mine, watching the gigantic rack of dvd’s wich never seems to end, starting off with the letter A … better than sex

i dont have a steady job but i do work here and there, from time to time, all for film

i got fired from the videoshop because they caught me stealing shipments of dvd’s, so i think you see the problem here :embarassed:

thats one lovely life: well then watch igmar bergman, his ex wife ingrid bergman is also good and swoedenberg is another swed you might want to check out.

[quote=“Johny_Exhale”]save, spend everything you earn on film[/quote]

And if you have no money, there’s always films on the television. That’s how Martin Scorsese got his early film education by watching the Million Dollar Movie programmes on American television. Sometimes the same film would be shown twice in the week and he would watch the movie again. “I am doing my homework Mom! I’m watching Million Dollar Movie!” Anybody watch the same film twice in one day?

I often watch a film alone, and than watch it again the same day with friends to see their reaction…

I am ussually dissapointed

I often watch a film alone, and than watch it again the same day with friends to see their reaction…

I am ussually dissapointed
[/quote]its always like that with me, non of my friends share my enthusiasm on my movies, my music or the literature i read. one shouldnt take that sort of thing personaly, but i really do.

I wonder if such people’s reactions would change if one projected actual prints. Maybe we take the availability of DVD and video for granted. Maybe t-i-g you should throw the boxes at your friends and shout, "Oh have some fucking respect!"

It can be lonely when you passionately care about something.

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