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Hanzo Steel - Kill Bill Mixes Vol.1

If this has been mentioned somewhere else here on that board (the search had no results), please let me know so I can remove this topic…

I figured out some really cool stuff while surfing the internet:

There’s some kind of new Soundtrack released a few weeks ago concerning Kill Bill Vol.1

Here’s a cover picture of the CD:


01 - Intro

02 - Bang Bang (Overture) remix by Blackstone & Atari

03 - Truck Turner (Can’t Knock the Hustle) remix by Blackstone & Atari

04 - Missted Nerve remix by Billions McMillions

05 - Tokyo Interlude

06 - Battle Without Honor or Humanity remix by Blackstone & Atari

07 - Ironside Jumpoff remix by Billions McMillions

08 - The Flower of Carnage (Fives Mix) remix by DJ Gerry V

09 - Twisted Nerve (Biter’s Revenge Bonus Mix) remix by Blackstone & Atari

If you like to listen to some of the tracks check out the following links:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … llbill.asp”></LINK_TEXT>

Hope you enjoy it, first it’s kinda wierd listen to it but it pretty cool anyway…

Here’s the official site:

Great, thanks.

i just heard the LP.

when i fist heard it i thought this is only some techno bullshit with a lot of bass, which garble the cool songs. but after hearing it the second time i liked it so much. damn cool, if you like it. ;D

they release just the second edition of hanzo steel mixes, which i allready ordered :slight_smile:



Intro, Vol. 2

mix by Billions McMillions

Shepherd’s Bounce

remix by Bart Blackstone

Five-Point Exploding Heart Technique

mix by Billions McMillions

The Hanzo Style

remix by Billions McMillions

Wide Lightning

remix by DJ Gerry V

Enlightened Path

remix by DJ Gerry V

Half-Japanesie (Green Hornet Hardcore Roar Remix)

remix by Bart Blackstone

The Wrath of Beatrix (Bonus Break)

remix by Bart Blackstone

Hanzo Steel (Shepherd’s Revenge)

remix by Billions McMillions

Approx Running Time: 24:00

they release just the second edition of hanzo steel mixes, which i allready ordered :slight_smile:


I have both. If your are into this type of music, it’s worth it (especially hearing Sam L from Pulp Fiction combined with Kill Bill music) :smiley:[/quote]

by now i have both too.

but the first one is so damn better. i dont like the second one so much. at least it isnt bad…

i have only the first and it roxx.