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Hands up if your irish!

any othere irish here?

Um. I am of some Irish descent. Doesn’t really count, does it?

no doesnt at all

dandadub why dont you sing us a song of the Emerald Isle?

I love irish men

well to mark the occasion on its way, listen to “fairytale of newyork” possibly the best irish/christmas song and stars matt dillon. we all go mad for it over here at christmas. look out for the line “ya scumbag ya maggot ya cheap lousy faggot happy christmas ya arsehole thank god its our last!” classic line ha enjoy…

ah Ah, 'tis like the singing of the angels themselves…

…one for one

am i sensing some smart remarks here snake eyes?

gotta come clean with ya sweet heart it’d be an outright lie to say i knew anything about the Irish accept what ive seen in father ted…

classic show

I’m from the land that is Irish. ^-^

wheres that kinick?

Up North, Dan. Co. Tyrone.

Dylan Moran is Irish. He’s so awesome. I’m not really adding anything, am I? Sorry, not taking the piss. I’m just bored and there aren’t any other topics that seem interesting right now.

dylan moran’s brilliant, yer not taking the piss dont worry. you should also check out tommy tiernan and dara o brian.

Do y’all know why my youtube account only takes me to uk and ie youtubes now? Even if I type in manually? Guess it doesn’t matter. I sort of like the wide screen on But it’s been going to the uk one for so long. I can’t even go to

Anyway, totally seen tommy tiernan on the web. Will check out Dara right now. Ta.