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Guy Ritchie's 'Revolver'

Site up with a teaser trrrrraiLER!

Can’t wait ! Can’t wait ! Thx for the link, Dillon.

Is there a way to download the teaser ? :-</E>

looks quite impressive…

Can’t wait for this, I’ve already waited for more than a year. I noticed his directorial vision improves with every film. Looks good.

yeah, people need to stop hating on guy Ritchie, forget about Swept Away, that was a money job, we would all make it if we were in his shoes

Revolver’s gonna be really good, cant wait to see Liotta in a Ritchie flick, he’d fit in so well, especially with Jason Statham’s ignorant face, haha i love that guy

Swept away sucks a lot but Revolver seems to be really cool. Its the first time I heard about a new Guy Ritchie’s movie, I’m hurry to see it.

every shot from that trailer looks familiar…lot of casino, goodfellas shots in it…in my opnion almost only those shots…unbelievable…but as long as the movie turns out to be cool, I dont give a shit if he rips everything…:slight_smile:

haha indeed, as long as he rips off quality you wont hear me complain 8)

That man’s idol is Tarantino, he makes his films in a style somewhat similar and even steals from other movies like Tarantino does.

Jason Statham is simply amazing. His face expression is always like “what the fuck!?”.

Some knob on IMDB said teh revolver script was crap. That doesn’t mean dick, guy ritchie’s scripts usually suck ast first anyway, his format is horrible - bu the makes kick ass films.

Despite my wanting to see this film, it would be better if he actually made his western like he was going to do. A Guy Ritchie western would be something special.

i dont know, he’d probably top it off with too much silly humor, wich works great in a gangster film but becomes kind of redicilous in a western

Hey what about 'City Slickers!?"

The Three Amigos 8)

The Wild Wild West (Original series)

Support Your Local Gunfighter

is it supposed to look straight to video?

i’ve already been waiting for this but is there going to be a North American release? ???


is it supposed to look straight to video?

Will that nudity be allowed?

I doubt it