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Guess the movie poster!

Ok, I got this game from the joblo forums.

Guess the movie poster by a piece of it or using photoshop/paint to alter it. Everyone then can guess what the poster and movie is. If they get it, they can post the next one. So, to start this thread off, here is the first one…

Which movie is it?

Revolver :stuck_out_tongue:?

nope, hehe

Is it too hard? A lot of people have been on this thread without guessing, so…? should I do a new one?

another piece maybe

The first one I did was The Proposition.

Here’s a new one

war of the worlds…? ooooh maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this, but I’d love it even more if I could actually guess something

hahaha, yeah, that’s pretty fun, when you actually got a clue of what it is.

I’ve played this game in another forum, kinda, but we only took away name of the movie (and possibly name of actors/director) from the poster. That way it was easier.

so would you like it like that instead?

haha, nah, it doesnt matter, but maybe if noone can answer any of them that would be a good idea.

ok, I’ll wait and see then

hehe, as long as I’m allowed to guess as many times as I want to :wink:

The Fifth Element?

… Armageddon?

hahah i could guess forever!

of course, but both are wrong;)

hahah, fuck… Alright, worth a guess: Zathura? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, nevermind… thats wrong :stuck_out_tongue: haah

hehe. no, it’s not a kids movie;)



hahah, fuck… Alright, worth a guess: Zathura? :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay now, seriously, hint time. Otherwise I guess nobody’ll guess.

Phillip K.Dick