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Grindhouse trivia game

Ok, let’s start a little game here for all you Grindhouse Fans. I’m gonna ask a question (probably an easy one) and whoever answers it must then, in turn, post their own question, and so on, and so on…

Here we go

  1. What type of car did Stuntman Mike own in the first half of Death Proof?

Wasn’t it a Chevy Nova? Second half was a Dodge Charger, I think.

2.) What John Hughes movie was mentioned in ‘Death Proof’?

Pretty In Pink

What infamous blind swordsman does Jungle Julia refer to Mike as?


What radio station did Jungle Julia work for?

Austin Hot Wax 505

Where is Zoe from?

New Zealand

How did Stuntman Mike become a stuntman?

His brother Stuntman Bob got him into it.

What is Stuntman Mike eating when we first see him up close?

Nachos Grande

What game does Zoe play in Death Proof?

Ship’s Mast!

What other director makes a cameo in Death Proof?

Eli Roth

What is the connection between Dakota Block and Earl McGraw?

he’s her father

and here’s one for the PT segment

How many sickos eat Fergie?


I’m running out, so here’s an easy one.

What international terrorist did Muldoon kill?

Binny Ladin

What instrument does Shanna play when “Hold Tight” comes on?


What does the patch on the back of Stuntman Mike’s jacket say?


- What town does Zoe find Jasper’s Vanishing Point Dodge Challenger in?


  • What town does Zoe find Jasper’s Vanishing Point Dodge Challenger in?

Lebanon, Tennessee.

What town or city is Zoe from?

Auckland, New Zealand

no return question, Pete?

Who does Mike talk to at the bar?