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TBR: April 6, 2007


This old school “Grindhouse” double feature was inspired by an old exploitation poster for a double bill of the films: Drag Strip Girl and Rock All Night. Both Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino owned a copy of this poster and Rodriguez later came up with the idea to do two genre features back to back with Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino has been a longtime fan of 70s Grindhouse genre films, while growing up in LA he would spend many nights at drive-ins and inner city “grindhouses” watching kung fu triple bills, Italian horror, Crime films and other wild and crazy genre films. For the last decade he has held his own film festivals in Austin, Texas where he shows many classic Exploitation films from his personal collection. Most Grindhouse genre films were heavily promoted and they often had very colorful and attractive theatrical trailers and posters. Often times the films themselves were not as exciting as the posters which were created to give an outrageous scope to the films storyline and characters. In regards to Grindhouse, Tarantino states: “We’re going to make 2 sleazy Grindhouse movies that deliver on their posters!”. Longtime fans of Grindhouse films, notably modern day film geeks who missed the heyday of the Grindhouse experience will be able to get a taste for what it was like to buy a ticket for a double feature of graphically intoxicating feature films that were shown either on NYC’s 42nd Street, Downtown LA or in other city’s across the country. - Pete Roberts


Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Tagline: "A White Hot Juggernaut at 200 MPH!"


"A killer named Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) drives a specially reinforced vehicle to stalk and kill a group of young women as they spend their night bar hopping, teasing boys, and getting trashed.


Kurt Russell: Stuntman Mike

Zoe Bell: Zoe (attached)

Michael Parks: Sheriff Earl McGraw

Movie Influences that show up in Death Proof:

Psycho (1960, Dir: Alfred Hitchcock)

Vanishing Point (1971, Dir: Richard C. Sarafian)

Duel (1972, Dir: Steven Spielberg)

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974, Dir: John Hough)

Crash (1996, Dir: David Cronenberg)

(Others TBA)


Written and Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Tagline: TBA


A small Southwestern town is overrun by disease infected SICKOS. A group of citizens take to the streets to save the day.


Quentin Tarantino: The Rapist

Naveen Andrews: (TBA)

Cathy Baron: Hot pedestrian

Josh Brolin: Dr. Block

Kevin Cacy: (TBA)

Leroy Castanon: Sicko

Rosario Dawson: Kim

Jeff Fahey: J.T. (attached)

Stacy Ferguson: Tammy

Dean Fernando: Alex Li (attached)

Beth Gosnell: Infected Patient

Sammy Harte: Infected girl

John Jarratt: (TBA)

Nicky Katt: Joe

Katie Knighten: Sicko

Andrea Lee: Sicko

Alicia Rachel Marek: Redhead Babe

Rose McGowan: Cherry

John McLean: Sicko Coach

Michael Parks: Sheriff Earl McGraw

Rajiv Patel: Henchman

Emmy Robbin: Hot Deputy

Freddy Rodríguez: Wray

Christine Rose: Sicko

Mylinda Royer: Nurse

Tom Savini: Deputy (attached)

Marley Shelton: Dakota (attached)

Stacey Storey: Nurse

Tracie Thoms: (TBA)

Danny Trejo: Machete (They Call Him Machete trailer)

Garon Wade: Henchman

LaToya Ward: Survivor

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Lee (attached)

Glori Renee Euwer: Infected patient (uncredited)

Dan’l Terry: Infected Patient - Bearded (uncredited)

Movie Influences that show up in Planet Terror:

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976, Dir: John Carpenter)

(Others TBA)

Produced by

Elizabeth Avellan: producer

Robert Rodriguez: producer

Quentin Tarantino: producer

Bob Weinstein: executive producer

Harvey Weinstein: executive producer

Original Music by

Robert Rodriguez

Cinematography by

Robert Rodriguez

Film Editing by

Sally Menke (segment “Death Proof”)

Casting by

Mary Vernieu

Set Decoration by

Jeanette Scott

Makeup Department

Jake Garber: special makeup effects artist

Grady Holder: makeup effects technician: K.N.B. EFX Group

Kevin Wasner: special makeup effects artist

Production Management

Tom Proper: post-production supervisor

Art Department

Marc Baird: storyboard artist

Debbie Cortez Haber: art department coordinator

Chantel Gallegos-Nasits: art assistant

Scott A. Reeder: props

Koen Wooten: property master

Ellen Lampl: graphic designer (uncredited)

Sound Department

Tom Sturgis: boom operator

Special Effects by

Robbie Clot: special effects gang boss

Nick Karas: special effects technician

Wes Mattox: special effects technician

James W. McCormick: special effects technician

John McLeod: special effects coordinator

Andrew Miller: special effects stunt car rigger

Antonette J. Miller: buyer for special effects stunt car rigging

Brian Montgomery: special effects technician

Mike Reedy: special effects gang boss

Frank W. Tarantino: special effects foreman

Dick Wood: special effects shop foreman

Daniel Yates: special effects technician

Visual Effects by

Toader Alex: digital artist

Chris Olivia: previz supervisor

Eric Pham: digital color timer

Eric Pham: main title designer


Jeremy Fitzgerald: stunts

Oakley Lehman: stunts

Malosi Leonard: stunts

Darryl Reeves: utility stunts

Jimmy N. Roberts: utility stunts

Derek Southers: stunts

Other crew

Troy Anderson: rigging electrician

John Arszyla: medic

Debbie Bilski: key craft service

Randy Bilski: on-set medic

Kelly Bogdan: second assistant camera: “b” camera

J.C. Cantu: casting associate

Travis Carr: production assistant

Tai-San Choo: accounting clerk

Linda Clark: craft service assistant

Logan Cooper: location manager

Amanda Curry: first assistant accountant

Dustin Daniels: location assistant

Wes Dixon: additional electrician

Robbie Friedman: location manager

Pam Fuller Vasquez: script supervisor

Ruben Gonzales: stand-in

Lindsay Graham: casting assistant

Matthew K. Grigsby: production accountant

Dale Hunter: digital imaging engineer

Chip Huntington: additional grip

Jim Jaffe: product placement

Margo Kornemann: second assistant accountant

Aaron Lee Lopez: production assistant

Jay Mahavier: assistant editor

Matthew McGinn: high definition service assistant

Clayton Null: grip

Raffi Paloulian: script researcher

Paul Pryor: production assistant

Robert Rendon: second assistant camera: “a” camera

Phillip Renke: best boy rigging grip

Dawn Robinette: payroll accountant

John ‘Fest’ Sandau: gaffer

Justin Seyb: rigging

Mike Sheeren: dolly grip

Damon Speidel: craft service assistant

Cynthia Streit: production coordinator

Jim Swidarski: payroll accountant

Rico Torres: still photographer

Nicole Willared: product placement

Production Companies

  • Dimension Films
  • A Band Apart
  • Troublemaker Studios
  • Weinstein Company, The


  • Dimension Films (2006) (worldwide) (all media)
  • Weinstein Company, The (2006) (USA) (theatrical)

    Other Companies

  • Act One Script Clearance Inc. script research
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment dollies

Im sooooooooooooooo looking forward to see Michael Parks! he is just übercool! 8)

Heres another addition:

In between or in front of each full length feature, Grindhouse will also contain several original trailers for Exploitation films that don’t exist. Quentin Tarantino will be shooting a trailer for a Sexploitation film titled Cowgirls In Sweden. Robert Rodriguez has filmed a trailer for an action film called “They Call Him Machete”. Machete will be played by Rodriguez’s cousin, veteran actor Danny Trejo. Other trailers will be created/shot by directors Edgar Wright (Shaun of The Dead), Eli Roth (Hostel) among others TBA in the coming months. - Pete Roberts

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, is my favorite peter fonda flick

pete, nice work! i entered the stuff into the wiki, although there’s still lots of work to be done.

one day or the other we need to solve your cookie problem :wink:

Tracie Thoms, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Rosario Dawson are in Death Proof. I heard Rosario might be in both though; same goes for Rose McGowan (I’m almost positive that she is; not that sure about Rosario). There’s also more girls in Death Proof, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head.

melina can you try to log into the wiki? if you feel like it, enter the names yourself.

i would however like the wiki pages to have the certain and confirmed facts only…

we should also have a section about the Grindhouse Trailers…

[quote=“The Seb”]
pete, nice work! i entered the stuff into the wiki, although there’s still lots of work to be done.

one day or the other we need to solve your cookie problem :wink:

Thanks Seb! If theres any errors or additions I missed, people can edit it.

I will be getting a new computer (brand new superfast Mac G4 or G5) in August, so I should have all the latest gadgets and I’ll be able to use some diff browsers like Firefox etc. Then I can get into the Wiki. :slight_smile:

Cast Addition:

Vanessa Ferlito: Arlene


Hey Seb you should add a Promotional Materials page in the Grindhouse wiki. Then people can add the posters, stills etc.

aye aye sir

Tarantino’s script is 130 pages long, and Rodrizuez’s - 110 pages (from Comic Con).

Michael Parks playing another sheriff? Booyah! ;D

Michael Parks playing another sheriff? Booyah! ;D

Not exactly. He’s gonna play the same sheriff he played in Dusk and Kill Bill. 8)

Tom Savini will play a Sheriff.

Not exactly. He’s gonna play the same sheriff he played in Dusk and Kill Bill. 8)


Not exactly. He’s gonna play the same sheriff he played in Dusk and Kill Bill. 8)

…and it just keeps getting better!

I read some news that theres a revolving billboard in Death Proof. The ads are for Jungle Julia’s Radio show on one side and…Red Apple cigarettes on the other side. 8)