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Grindhouse Experience 20 Film Set

…awesome collection. i’ll start with the martial arts double feature, both films recommended by qt:

RETURN OF THE TIGER: beautiful and colorful; particularly, preciously crafted. seems as though it would have played as a historical art picture in china, not a b-level grindhouse film. no sleaze, the film has firm moral-family code.

KUNG FU PUNCH OF DEATH: this one IS a grindhouse film. bruce li was hyped as the next bruce lee and watching this it should’ve occurred. what happened? why didn’t li become a megastar? maybe he did? was he big in the orient?

exquisitely paired as a double feature. tiger takes place in ancient china and suggests rites and honour. it feels like a family picture, a disney film, or the karate kid. then punch slams onto the screen bringing you up to the modern day 70s with chinese gangsters and drug running. there’s a standout scene where a character walks leisurely through a bar while a combo cranks out a hot funk number…

these two films reminded me of a couple of kung fu films i saw at a b-movie festival once. they used to be b-films, now they’ve become grindhouse. i prefer grindhouse. those ones had more blood i recall. time to get back into some bloody '70s kung fu action!

WOMEN IN PRISON - Tortured Angels / Womans Camp 119

CANNIBAL - Raw Force/Savage Man,Savage Beast

COPS - Confessions of a Police Captain/Executioner 2

DISASTER - Poseidon Explosion/Earthquake 7.9

MAFIA - Violent Professionals/Frank and Tony

KUNG FU - Return of the Tiger/Kung Fu:Punch of Death

SPAGHETTI WESTERNS - Go Kill and Come Back/Bounty Man

BLAXPLOITATION - Mandinga/3 Tough Guys

HORROR - The Children/Demon Witch Child

SEXPLOITATION - High School Hitch Hikers/Carry on Emannuelle

You do know The Deuce Grindhouse Cinema Database is open, right?!