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Grindhouse 6 disc Japanese box set

GH 6 disc set Does anyone here know if this will eventually be released in the U.S? I would really like to buy this but it’s a lot of dough to cough up just for a little extra special features and other stuff. And if anyone here owns this is it worth ever penny? Im seriously thinking about buying this but just don’t have the money.

I own it.

I have US copies of both films separately as well as the Japanese boxed set. It may not be worth it buying the boxed set if you own the films already. Cause it has the separate versions as well as the full film as one. But it was an afterthought for me and living in Australia, I didn’t get the chance to see the double bill together like it was intended, so I jumped on the DVD when it was released in Japan.

It’s a complete set, but it really just depends on how much you care. It might not be different enough for you to want to buy the same films again. But just to let you know, I own two copies of True Romance, two copies of Reservoir Dogs and two copies of Kill Bill Vol. 1 among other things. So I do have a tendency to buy an improved version of a film and then keep my old copy. I am kind of wasteful like that, but I can’t help myself sometimes.

How are the extras on the set?

It’s gonna be a long wait. They still havent released The Whole Bloody Affair yet, so you know Grindhouse isnt in the plans anytime soon.

I only bought it for the box and I don’t regret it. I haven’t even started watching the extras yet :smiley:

I’m a materialist and I was very pleased with that box set

[quote=“Ordell Rodriguez”]
How are the extras on the set?

Yeah, what Rat said. There are extras on both Death Proof and Planet Terror DVDs and then extras on the Grindhouse complete second disc.

I have too much stuff to watch that I still haven’t got around to it. Besides I am in Japan now and my box is at home, so I can’t really check it out.

But there’s definitely more extras then the single releases, if that helps.