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Grind House - Cahiers du Cinema cover

pretty pic, isn’t it?


I wish I could find it in germany

I usually don’t read this magazine…is it good?

There is a short article by Bill Krohn (the guy who did the interview book with Joe Dante) on the film and that’s that. So eventually, I bought it for the cover…

it was a magazine founded by french nouvelle vague filmpeople and i think if i remember correctly, the magazine now is something of a revival effort

the guys from the nouvelle vague wrote in it and made it what it is but they did not start it. and it’s not a revival, it never stopped being published… the big concurent of Les cahiers is a mag called Positif and I will buy it any day of the week over les cahiers. simply because in september 1992, when RD was released, Positif did their cover with the pic of Mr Orange lying in his blood and they did a 10 pages interview with QT!!! considering the small release RD had, it was a gutsy thing to do…