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Green jacket wore by Clarence in True Romance

Does anybody know where to get or what brand the green jacket that Clarence (Christian Slater) wear in that movie?

The Quentin Tarantino’s movie reference guide said:

"In some scenes early on in the film, Clarence’s army fatigue style jacket is reminiscent of those worn by characters from 70’s romance films. Woody Allen and Richard Dreyfus in particular wear similar Army style jackets in Annie Hall and The Goodbye Girl respectively. It should also be of note, that in the scene where Clarence confronts Alabama’s pimp, Drexl Spivey, he’s wearing that same exact jacket yet here it seems to be an allusion to the film Taxi Driver and Travis Bickle’s rescue of Iris from the pimps’ apartment building."

so if anyone had any information of how/where to get this jacket, would you let me know. I would really appreciate it!

Thank very much :slight_smile:

Its an army jacket. Join the army if you want one.