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Greatest Scene/ visual in cinema history

Who also thinks the blue face on the movie screen maniacly laughing, with the rising red flames and all the mass chaos breaking out, then after the flames the face and laughing being projected on the smoke, is the greatest scene ever filmed? i would give my left nut to see that scene again for the first time.

It is a very powerful scene. There’s few moments in cinema that make chills go down my spine but that’s one. Brilliantly done.

yes. yes. yes.

my jaw dropped open

in awe during that scene…

i n c r e d i b l e.

best ever? prob not but it was my fav in the film for sure

That scene is a great scene, it really took me back a lot, it was amazing direction!

[quote=“jmanin2”]best ever? prob not but it was my fav in the film for sure[/quote]
kill joy !

I’ve never had a sceen impact me likethat did, and i’ve passion of the Christ.

I would actually say the opening scene of Apocalypse Now.

mean streets drunk scene is pretty great, the ending of once upon a time in the west,