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Golden Trailer awards

A jury including Tarantino chose the best trailers of last year.

"A jury that included directors Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie chose the “Mission: Impossible III� trailer for best of show. It also won for best trailer of action movies over the past year and among 2006 summer blockbusters.

The Golden Trailer Awards, founded in 1999, bills itself as the “world’s fastest awards show.� At a recent New York ceremony at the Directors Guild of America, miniature movie star trailers were handed out as trophies."

Nah, the trailer was not very exciting. It was ok but the movie itself was way better, especially the scenes with Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Best trailer for me this year is MIAMI VICE, it gets me all excited: the anticipation of a new Michael Mann movie + the sleazy hotness of Colin Farrell combined with JayZ/Linkin Park music and some fine looking scenes : best trailer of 2006 for me! ;D

the trailer or the teaser? i preferred the teaser

ok, the MV teaser was better than the current trailer…but both were better than the MI3 trailer. In fact after I first saw that MI3 trailer I was quite disappointed and it didn’t make me wanna watch the movie.

By the way, Most Original trailer went to Thank You for Smoking, Fox Searchlight

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Yes, the Miami Vice teaser is awesome!

The award is sooo cute! ;D ;D