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Gilmore Girls & Tarantino

Yah i’ve never been a fan of the show. Hmm, what’s next? A Pulp Fiction style birthday party for Milo on the tweenies?

tarantino and gilimore girls sould not even be in the same sentence!

What’s Gilmore Girls??

They show it on E4 in the UK and sometimes Nickleodeon…put it that way.

Say whatcha want, but Alexis… whatever her name is, the daughter on the show, is very attractive. Not only that, but she’s going to be in Sin CIty. Coincidence?


very sure.

plus: many tv soap stars try to get away from that image by telling their agents to get them roles in action or r-rated films (see jessica biel )

^oh, like the chick that played mary in seventh heaven that is acting in blade 2…or blade 3…or blade 10