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Gigantic warning!

Hey, for those of you who do not want the movie spoiled, do not


Do not go to the Wikipedia page for IB, the entire plot has been posted, revealing many many spoilers of course!

Ive already read the script so, it didn’t change anything…I’m just being a nice basterd and putting forth a warning to those who want it pure.

Your welcome!

Pfc Baelin Utivich, out! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the headup, PFC Utivich! You are dismissed.

good lookin’ out!

Just to let you all know somebody was kind enough to remove the plot, spoilers and all. It’s safe to return to the Basterds page on wikipedia.

Oops! Too late!! lmao ;D

lol so much drama for a wiki page,:stuck_out_tongue: but its true i love the suspense of it all.