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Ghostbusters 3

I just shat my pants twice in a row.

It seems like Ghost Busters 3 rumors pop up every six months or so but I think this is the closest it’s ever felt to actually happening.

aren’t most of the cast in there late fifty’s now…

[quote=“Crazy Kenneth”]
I just shat my pants twice in a row.

You need to get that checked out, mate.

They’ll be lucky to get Ramis and Bill Murray back together. Bill Murray had a hissy fit while making Groundhog Day and vowed never to work with Ramis again.

BTW Ramis is a legend.

It seems like Bill Murray has been on sedatives in all of his latest films, I wonder if he can recapture that old Venkman we all know and love.

Maybe they could replace his sedatives with Viagra.

(off-topic: I just felt something crawling up my leg right now so I smacked it and a bigass spider fell outta my jeans!!! OOOOOOh, I’m so fucking freaked out!!!)

Wooow Dr. Venkman! I hope Rick Moranis is in it, I love that Canadian nerd.

What ever happened to good ol’ Rick?

He focused on raising his kids after his wife died in 1991… he also appeared in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves… I’m not sure if that contributed to his early widowhood.

I saw Rick on the Conan O’Brien show about a year ago. He sings now, Blue Grass or something.

Here’s what Harold Ramis says about the project:

“yes, columbia is developing a script for GB3 with my year one writing partners, gene stupnitsky and lee eisenberg. judd apatow is co-producing year one and has made several other films for sony, so of course the studio is hoping to tap into some of the same acting talent. aykroyd, ivan reitman and i are consulting at this point, and according to dan, bill murray is willing to be involved on some level. he did record his dialogue for the new ghostbusters video game, as did danny and i, and ernie hudson. the concept is that the old ghostbusters would appear in the film in some mentor capacity. not much else to say at this point. everyone is confident a decent script can be written and i guess we’ll take it from there.



Now if Judd is behind with Ramis… this could work and Gene/Lee are excellent writers. They’re regulars on The Office.

I don’t want to see Jonah Hill anymore. I hope that he’s not in it if it really gets made.

I wouldn’t really want to see any of the Apatow crew of actors in this. Maybe Jason Segel as the Venkman/nerdy guy but I think he’s probly gonna be busy with that new Muppet movie. Other than him I think the other guys would just be kinda distracting.

Judd’s crew are a natural follow up to Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Ramis. They’re a fantastic set of guys, who can deliver the funny. Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Jonah Hill are like the Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Rick Moranis and Harold Ramis of this new generation.

I don’t have a problem with Rogan, Hader, Rudd, Segel, but I can’t stand Jonah Hill. Annoying little wanker.

Paul Rudd in a Ghostbusters film? That dude is 120 different shades of awesome. Would definitely vote for this one. says they’re trying to get “Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, etc”. I could put up with Jonah Hill if it’s in a small role where he isn’t a Ghostbuster but I’d probly skip it all together if Michael Cera’s in it. The dude’s been playing the same character since Arrested Development. In fact I think that’s kinda why I’m getting sick of all of them lately. They’re all kind of one trick ponies.

The only two Appatow clan members I’d really want to see in Ghostbusters are Segel in the Venkman type role and Jay Baruchel in the Moranis role. I guess I could see Rudd playing the straight guy but I’d really rather see a more diverse cast. The big question is who do they get to play the black guy?

Judd doesn’t have a token black dude?

He could always get Robert Downey Jr