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Get your Robert Rodriguez Predator script right here!

I’m all for it. I bet it would be great if RR did it. The AVP movies were both terrible and probably damaged the legacy of both the Alien and the Predator franchise.

He wrote a Predator script before Desparado got made. Not sure if it’s the same script but it was originally called “Predators” and was designed to be Predator 3. He said that script was way “too big” to be made though so I’m guessing this film would be working off a different screenplay. Bloody-disgusting doesn’t seem to be nearly as credible these days. When it comes to Rodriguez news I don’t trust it until “Ain’t it Cool” reports it. Dude who runs that site is actually friends with Robert.

Yeah. If that’s true, I’m down for more Predator movies.

Yeah. If that’s true, I’m down for more Predator movies.

Nods head. I’m a big fan myself, and I really respect Rob’s directing, so hell yes.

Of all the films he has announced lately that haven’t been made, this is the least interesting to me.

I wish he would just make Sin City 2 or another cheapo crime action film,(hopefully Machete) make a buck, then get back to all these ambitious projects. 100 million for a Barbarella remake? Really Rodriquez. I would love to see a Barbarella remake helmed by him, but that project doesn’t need nearly that much. What happened to the filmmaker who could make films cheap.

With all these films that he’s just producing I wonder how much involvement he actually has on any of the projects. It seems that everytime there’s new Rodriguez news there’s hardly even enough information to call it news.

I know. It’s so making sense why Seb started that Rob-Rod Rumors thread. Sebby’s so smart. And pretty. I didn’t write that

I don’t like the name “Rob-Rod” :-</E>

I’ve been saying Rob Rod for a long time. I’m used to it. Reading it is weirder than saying it.

He deserves a cooler nickname, Rob-Rod makes him sound like a porn star.

Haha. I can see that. ;D We could just call him RoRo.

Or… OR… just stick to calling him Robert Rodriguez or RR if you really are that lazy.

PS: No, nobody will mistake it for Robert Richardson ::slight_smile:

You’re just no fun. ;D

Screw you, Geoi! >:D

What about Septic-Dick…

Screw you, Geoi! >:D

Thank you very much. ;D You never really said what you think about them making more predator movies.

He deserves a cooler nickname, Rob-Rod makes him sound like a porn star.



That’s right. I posted all those dvd listing and film listings and everything you see on the Rodriguez page. And if Rob-Rod sticks - It was I who called him that.

Screw you too. Screw the lotta ya. I don’t need you and your fucked up nicknames. * spits on floor *


About the Predator thing, I don’t care much for the franchise. I’ve only seen the first one, and we watched it many times at uni whilst smoking/eating/drinking and to this day quote it endlessly. Arnie is an absolute legend. But a remake doesn’t interest me in the slightest. It’ll never top the original with its cheesiness and alpha-male superiority.

Youuu son of a bitch

Dear Robert Rodirguez,

More Sin City plz

Yes and dont cast Rose Mc Gowan