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Funny People

The best Adam Sandler movie ever made. I hold Spanglish and Punch-Drunk Love as Sandler’s best films, but now that I’ve seen Funny People - this is the one. Guys the movie is almost three hours long and the fact that I wanted to see more of it as the camera slowly pulled back in the grocery store with Sandler and Rogan reading jokes is evident. I don’t think Sandler is really that lonely in real life but the character he played had some Sandler traces - I like the scene where he can’t work the TV to watch a game and he says to his assistant plyed by (Seth Rogan) - “I buy all of this stuff, and none of it even works!”. We all know there’s a simplistic lifestyle to Sandler - he’s not one of those flashy guys that sports his wealth like other people. He’s a simplistic man with human needs - like relationships. The film will go beyond your expectations - this being my first Judd Apatow movie, exceeded mine. It should really garner at least an original screenplay for the Oscars. I loved this, you know it just breaks boundaries with you. It reminds you how good movies can be without any bullshit to it. I’m seeing it again tomorrow. Sandler is the man.

Judd Apatow is one of the best filmmakers working today. Knocked Up was brilliant. I’ve been looking forward to Funny People for a long time.

I should check them out, he’s a great writer.

wow Bio, you havent seen Knocked Up or 40 Year old virgin? if not than watch them right away! also check out a show called Freaks and Geeks from the nineties, Apatow created that too, really good show

Oh, wait I did see The 40 Year Old Virgin on TV - I even read the screenplay so long ago. I did like it but not as much as Funny People - it was a sweet film.

Apatow created freaks and geeks? Why didn’t you frenchies tell me that when we talked about that show? Would’ve interested me even more. Or maybe I forgot but you told me.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Knocked Up, and I was so wasted and sick when watching 40 year old virgin during my week in Amsterdam, I just remember Steve Carrel swearing on a bike, I almost pissed my pants.

(I’m such a cool dude for getting wasted in Amsterdam…NOT)

Wow, if you look at Judd Apatow’s credentials - he never really hit his stride until the 40 Year Old Virgin! He’s a late bloomer - as they call it. He’s such a great writer writer. Comedy and drama is the hardest to write like Capote once said.