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Full Bravo: Making of Kill Bill ONLINE!

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Any1 have the full Leno clip, or know where to find the complete clip of Daryl on Kimmell?


I was hoping itd be online

Thanks a million. That was great. I like QT a lot more when he isn’t shit-faced. I can really imagine this 11 minute “Making Of” ending up on the DVD.

That was fuckn sweet!!!

That was the coolest thing i’ve seen on Kill Bill thus far!!!


Thanks for fantastic entertaining video link on the internet!

That moviebox host is cool!

thanks for this, i’m gettin amped for this.

you mind if i post it on another forum i got to?

i’ll give you credit ofcoarse

cool clips man…:slight_smile:

Thanks very much. Now to download them…

I didnt make the clips or anything… So you dont exactly need my permission to repost them, I just found them and reported them.


i try to use propper forum etiquette at times and at other sites if you post a like you got at another forum and they come across it, they get pissed

but thanks anyway

I was downloading it (a pain with ISDN). really great stuff. showed a lot of footage. 10 days left, here

Seb, is there a way to download it onto your hd?

yeah you can download those links using a Download Manager program like NEt Transport or

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I tried to make a smaller DivX avi file but got audio out of sync, but I’m gonna do it again in sync later and post a link to my smaller Making of Kill Bill video file.