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Fu Manchu Pictures?

Just read the news. Kill Bill to be made by Fu Manchu Pictures not A Band Apart?

Maybe Fu Manchu Pictures is another division of A Band Apart started exclusively for Kill Bill?

Here you go.

Buena Vista (Disney) owns Miramax.

Miramax will release Kill Bill as an A Band A Part picture.

A Band Apart contains Lawrence Bender productions.

Fu Manchu is the temporary production company designed for the sole purpose of making Kill Bill. If QT ever makes another kung fu movie, it’ll probably still be Fu Manchu.

Just like Reservoir Dogs had its own temporary production company Dog Eat Dog, just like Jackie Brown had Mighty Mighty Aphrodite, thats how Kill Bill has Fu Manchu.

Movies do this all the time, set up temporary production companies. A Band A Part is still the main one.

So it’s:



A Band A Part

Fu Manchu

Kill Bill

That’s how it works. I worked on the movie High Fidelity and the production company was called Top Five. Top Five no longer exists, it ended when High Fidelity ended. They also use names for Production Companies that have something to do with the story. In HF, Rob always made top 5 lists. There you go, I hope this explains it better.

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Ok, thats what I was thinking. Thanks for clearing that up Mike.

Super Cool Manchu, that is :wink:

I heard that they do this in order to avoid lawsuits against the larger companies involved. Is that true?

I don’t know why they always make new companies just for one film.

i suppose it’s something to fuck the IRS