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From Dusk Till Dawn Homage in Rammstein Video?

First off, I apologize if someone else has already posted this…

But I just had to do it. I mean not only is it Tarantino related, it is a homage, and we all know how much he loves homages! ;D

So… the Rammstein video “Engel”. Has anyone seen it? It’s pretty directly a copy of From Dusk Till Dawn… watch it and see what you think!

Here’s the link:

yeah. do you know which year this video is from?

btw I should’ve watched this with the sound off. ew… rammstein :frowning:

LOL. But the song sucked.

I think it’s a year after Dusk Till Dawn.

Don’t you guys like Rammstein?LoL, Engel is my favorite song of them!

Yeah, this came out in 1997.

And Rammstein’s not my favorite music, but it’s not bad!

Ack, the music sucked. Still, thanks for pointing out a QT homage.

Christ. Give me Bob Dylan any day.

Gawd, I love Rammstein! So fucking ROCK!