Free email accounts for active editors

The Quentin Tarantino Archives is offering free gmail-powered email packages for those uses who are actively participating in the wiki as editors, contributors, reviewers or administrators. the entire thing is based on commitment, I am not going to go through the process of setting those up for people who are going to post 10 reviews over 2 weeks and then never move a finger anymore. is desperately in need of at least a handfull of very committed fans who help me out filling the wiki with content.

if you have any questions, post here.

like I said a while ago, I’m ready to translate whatever you want if you need me to. I may try to write some reviews in english, nothing’s sure yet.

it’s a wiki, you don’t need to ask permission to translate stuff :wink: just do it if you want to

yeah yeah I know, but should we create pages like "Whatever [French]"

or wait for an international section?

ideally, they would have the same name but it would start with “…”. i dont have the technical means/knowledge for that.

putting a [fr] behind the title would be one option.

and those pages should be categorized as Category:Francais for example.

there’s already: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ry:Deutsch”></LINK_TEXT>

for example…

on the main page then, there could be a link “French pages” which could gradually grow. And for example, if there is a Review in both languages, on each page would be a “see this page in french” link or something

sounds good…I’ll do my best if I have time, it should be cool in september

made some changes to the wiki, let me know if it works (technically)

maybe you wanna work with cyber-lili, she’s french as well. if you two want to hammer out a concept for a french section. that would directly put lots of french tarantino website out of business but don’t we all love some healthy competition? :wink:

I can think of that. Make special categories about specific tarantinesque things, like we have on the usual wiki.

I don’t know about Tristan, nobody really replies on the French board when I ask about help for specific French pages like reviews if the French books. So if you’re reading this Tristan (and anyone else French is welcomed too), PM me to talk about this :wink: